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Fontaine aux lions

Fountain of the Lions


14th century/copy

Barentin /  Fontaine aux lions   Barentin /  Fontaine aux lions


Dodecagonal basin carried on the tails of twelve lions. It is copied after the famous Fountain of the Lions on the Court of the Lions in the Alhambra in Granada. This fountain was commissioned by Sultan Mohammed V and built between 1354- 1359. It is encircled by the figures of twelve lions in white marble, not designed with sculptural accuracy but as symbols of strength, power, and sovereignty. Each hour one lion would produce water from its mouth.
Around the edge of the basin of the Barentin copy is written:

aqua meam diffundere beata fons in grenada nata ad barentinum translata

Barentin - Fontaine aux lions

Granada - Fontaine aux lions
The Fountain of the Lions in the Alhambra, Granada (photo 12 November 1991)

Information Sign


origine espagnole


Barentin - Musée dans la Rue

Barentin "City of Arts", a town of 13,000 inhabitants, has hundreds of sculptures scattered throughout the town in its "street museum". Initiator of the "street museum" is the lawyer and politician André Marie (Honfleur 1897 - Rouen 1974, Wikipedia), who was mayor of Barentin from 1945 to 1974 and minister of national education. The town continues his initiative under the leadership of Michel Bentot, Mayor since 1990, with the purchase, maintenance and restoration of the sculptures, paintings and monuments.

The exact number of sculptures is difficult to find out. The book Images de Barentin of 2006 lists 312 sculptures, 110 of which are in public space (at present, there are at least 328 sculptures). The 110 sculptures 'on the street' include a few buildings and architectural features, among them the famous train viaduct. Included on our website are 93 of these 110. But, we included six sculptures not in public space (on school yards), listed in the book as not in public space, and two sculptures which are not in the book. That means that there are 101 sculptures in Barentin on our website.


Click here for a interactive map with the locations of the sculptures.

Each sculpture has a blue tile with the name, the sculptor and the reference number. Between 2001 and 2014 all sculptures have been restored, reports about the restaurations are in the Ensemble Barentin, Bulletin municipal officiel (on-line).


  • Jean-Marie Grisel & Jean-Pierre Dugelay, Images de Barentin, cité des arts: Le Musée dans la rue (Barentin: Ville de Barentin, 2006).
    See also:
    Barentin Cité des Arts, Patrimoine.


    Locatie (N 49°32'39" - E 0°57'8") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: frhn081; Photograph: 3 June 2012
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