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Pont Henri IV

Monument aux morts

War Memorial

Paulette Richon

Descartes /  Monument aux morts   Descartes /  Monument aux morts


Column with a relief of a woman with oak branches.


Around the base of the column a text which is only partly readable (the rest of the text is on the back of the column or covered with a plant):

....s conty-freslon a ses morts pour...
and further names of victims.

Signed: Richon


From the information sign:
During the Second World War [the Pont Henri IV] had an important role to play: in fact on 22nd June 1940 the retreating French troops mined one part of the bridge. Two arches were destroyed on the Indre-et-Loire side (Descartes). On 31st August 1944 the Forces Françaises de l'Intérieur (F.F.I.) blew up the bridge on the Vienne side (Buxeuill), perhaps saving La Haye-Descartes from the massacre identical to the one at Maillé. The leader of this act of resistance was Henri Blanchet, a member of the local Conty-Freslon network. The Quai Couratin immortalises the memory of one of his young companions-in-arms who was killed during the liberation of the town. This monument sculpted by Madame Paulette Richon is dedicated to the partisans killed during these battles in 1944. After the Liberation a temporary footbridge was put up, and it wasn't until 1958 that the Pont Henri IV was restored to its present condition.
The Conty-Freslon Network was named after the two leading resistance fighters, Michel Conty and Emile Freslon. Both these heros of the Liberation were captured in a Nazi ambush, tortured and killed in the woods of Kerleroux at Dolus-le-Sec (north of Descartes and to the East of Manthelan) on 27th July, 1944.



Locatie (N 46°58'19" - E 0°41'43") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: frce038; Photograph: 30 August 2011
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