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Le plus grand sanglier du monde

The largest wild boar in the world

Éric Sléziak
1983-93 (2008)

Saulces-Monclin /  Woinic   Saulces-Monclin /  Woinic


Large metal sculpture of a wild boar on a small artifical hill.

Information Sign

Information sign in French, English, German and Dutch. Here is the English text:
Woinic: The largest wild boar in the world

Nearly 10 metres high, 14 metres long and 5 metres wide! 50,000 kg of metal, 6,500 kg of solder and over 12,000 work hours by its creator, born out of his imagination and his welding equipment.
This achievement required 430 coils of solder and 328 bottles of gas.
Started in 1st January 1983, this colossal mounument was terminated 11 years later on 11th December 1993.
That is the titanic work of art by the sculptor Eric Sléziak.

The origin of the name WOINIC
The name "Woinic" is the contraction of the nickname of the father and the name of the mother of the sculptor, Woidouche and Nicole.

Eric Sléziak
Ex-metalworker/sculptor, Eric Sléziak, a man from the Meuse Valley, is the creator of Woinic.
In his workshop in Bogny-sur-Meuse, Eric Sléziak confronted the icy-cold winters and the suffocating heat of some summers. An iron will: typical of an Ardennes man. A form of tribute to metalworking.
Woinic is a life’s work and a magnificent example of tenacity. So fitting for a wild boar. So fitting for the Ardennes.

Symbol of the French Ardennes
This work is the pride of all Ardennes people and of the Ardennes County Council, which chose to conserve this emblematic image of a wild boar on its logo. A mythical animal, it is part and parcel of the culture of the Ardennes. It symbolises the French Ardennes’ identifying values: strength, courage and solidarity.

Its journey
Woinic was released from its lair in Bogny-sur-Meuse on Monday August 4th, 2008. After an extraordinary journey of 55 kilometres through the French Ardennes at the speed of 8 kph, The biggest wild boar of the world reached its destination just off the Ardennes motorway exit on 8th August 2008, D-day of the 08-08-08* festivities, the day of the century for all Ardennes people.
* 08 being the number attributed to the Ardennes département

Saulces-Monclin - Woinic



Location (N 49°35'40" - E 4°30'13")

Item Code: frca043; Photograph: 26 May 2019
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