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Place Aristide Briand

Monument aux morts de 1914-18

War Memorial 1914-18

Émile Armel-Beaufils

Fougères /  Monument aux morts de 1914-18   Fougères /  Monument aux morts de 1914-18


Menhir with bronze statues on both sides. On the east side a woman with shield with the coat of arms of Fougères en laurel wreath - an allegory for France -, on the west side a boy writing a text on the menhir:

A mes Ainés
qui ont

Fougères - Monument aux morts 1914-18 Fougères - Monument aux morts 1914-18
Coat of arms of Fougères
Fougères - Monument aux morts 1914-18
Writing boy
Fougères - Monument aux morts 1914-18


fovgeres a tovs ses enfants
morts povr la patrie

Signed: armel beaufils statuaire / ....

Information Sign

"Monument aux Morts"
bronze et granit
Armel beaufils

Fougères' war memorial was designed by Armel Beaufils, who wanted to remember the huge number of Bretons who died for France. The central menhir therefore firmly fixes their memory within a Breton setting. The young girl is a reminder of the woman left alone at home, whilst the little boy, with his Breton hat in his hand and his shoemaker's apron, depicts one of the children of Fougères.


Inaugurated 10 October 1920, it is the first war memorial for the first World War of Bretagne.

War memorial - list of names

We have photos of the list(s) of fallen on this memorial. Contact us if you want to see these lists. (contact form)


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Location (N 48°21'15" - W 1°12'6")

Item Code: frbr167; Photograph: 2 June 2012
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