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Place Le Sciellour

Monument aux morts de 1914-18

War Memorial 1914-18

Henri Gouzien
Chapal (Auray)

Baud /  Monument aux morts de 1914-18   Baud /  Monument aux morts de 1914-18


Granite statue of a mourning couple in regional dress and a helmet of their lost son, inaugurated 31 August 1924. On the socle are four reliefs, showing the four stages of a soldier's life:

Baud - Monument aux morts 1914-18
1. Les adieux / The Farewell
Baud - Monument aux morts 1914-18
2. Le départ du train pour le front / Departure by train to the front
Baud - Monument aux morts 1914-18
3. Le combat dans une tranchée / Fighting in the trenches
Baud - Monument aux morts 1914-18
4. Les tombes dans un espace boisé / Soldiers' graves in the woods


(reliefs) H. Gouzien 1923
Chapal Fondeur / Auray

Memorial - list of names

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Location (N 47°52'30" - W 3°1'11")

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Item Code: frbr091; Photograph: 30 May 2012
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