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Butte Saint-Gildas, Quénéquillec
(La Vallée des Saints)

La Vallée des Saints - Traoñienn ar Sent

Valley of the Saints

Various sculptors

Carnoët /  La Vallée des Saints - Traoñienn ar Sent


The Valley of the Saints project aims to install one thousand three-metre high statues of the Breton saints at Carnoët in an attempt to celebrate and preserve the identity of the region. Statues of twenty saints were placed when we visited the site on 29 May 2012. At present (November 2016) there are about 80 statues placed, and others are under construction. The statues are placed on the Butte de Saint-Guildas, a hilltop (the name Vallée des Saints is therefore misleading!)

Location of the various statues (situation May 2012 on a Google Earth image of July 2014)

The "Seven founder saints", the first recorded Christian missionaries from Wales
around the central hill


1. Saint Corentin - Sant Kaourintin
d. 460
first bishop of Quimper, one of the seven founder saints of Brittany

Sculpted by Seenu Shamnugam, July 2009
Monogram SS 2009


2. Saint Tugdual - Sant Tudwal
(died c. 564)
Breton monk, one of the seven founder saints of Brittany

Sculpted by Olivier Leveque, August 2011
Signed: Monogram LO 2011


3. Saint Paul Aurélien - Sant Paol Aorelian
6th century
Welsh saint, one of the seven founder saints of Brittany

Sculpted by David Puech, July 2009
Signed: DAV


4. Saint Brieuc - Sant Brieg
early 6th century
Welshman who became the first Abbot of Saint-Brieuc in Brittany; one of the seven founder saints of Brittany

Sculpted by Fabrice Lentz, July 2009


5. Saint Malo - Sant Maloù
mid-6th century
founder of Saint-Malo; one of the seven founder saints of Brittany

Sculpted by Patrice Le Guen, July 2009


6. Saint Samson - Sant Samzun
5th century
one of the seven founder saints of Brittany

Sculpted by Jacques Dumas, July 2009


7. Saint Patern - Sant Padern
6th century
first bishop of Vannes, one of the seven founder saints of Brittany

Sculpted by Olivier Leveque, July 2009
Signed: Monogram LO 2009

Other Breton saints


8. Saint Gildas - Sant Weltas
c. 500 - 570
British cleric, author of De Excidio et Conquestu Britanniae

Sculpted by J. Le Corre, October 2010
Signed: J. Le corre breiz do viken


9. Santig Du - Sant Yann Diarc'hen
Jean Discalceat, Saint-Vougay c. 1279 - Quimper 1349
Breton franciscan, known as "the little black saint" (Santig Du)

Sculpted by Olivier Leveque, August 2010
Signed: monogram LO; On the back: NF / MC / M+P / MONS


10. Saint Yves Hélory - Sant Erwan Helouri
(1253 - 1303), also known Yvo or Ives, as Erwann (in Breton) and as Yves Hélory, parish priest among the poor of Louannec, the only one of his station to be canonized in the Middle Ages. He is the patron of Brittany, lawyers, and abandoned children (Wikipedia)..

Sculpted by Patrice Le Guen, January 2010
Signed: monogram PLG


11. Sainte Anne - Santez Anna
mother of the Virgin Mary. She is often depicted with Mary as a child or a young girl (Wikipedia)..

Sculpted by Patrice Le Guen, August 2010
Signed: monogram PLG / Syprema 2010


12. Saint Théleau - Sant Telo
c. 500 - c. 560
British saint - a monk, bishop and founder of monasteries and churches; was in Bretagne, 549 - c. 556/57

Sculpted by Bruno Panas, August 2011
Signed: 2011 / tud landeleau / ass gj b.panas


13. Saint Guirec - Sant Kireg
circa 6th century
Welsh monk who sought to establish a monastery in Bretagne

Sculpted by Seenu Shamnugam, August 2011
Signed: Monogram SS 2011


14. Saint Idy - Sant Idi
Breton saint.

Sculpted by Patrice Le Guen, August 2011
Signed: Monogram PLG 2011


15. Saint Hervé - Sant Herve
6th century
a blind hermit led by a wolf

Sculpted by Jack Dumas, August 2011


16. Saint Carantec - Sant Karanteg
Breton saint

Sculpted by Norbert Le Gall, August 2011


17. Saint Herbot - Sant Herbod
Breton saint, protector of horses and cattle

Sculpted by Bruno Panas and Norbert Le Gall, August 2010
Signed: b. panas

ST PATRICK am elegoff

18. Saint Patrick - Sant Padrig
ca. 390 - 460
patron saint of Ireland

Sculpted by Jacques Dumas, August 2010


19. Saint Clair - Sant Kler
3rd century
first bishop of Nantes.

Sculpted by David Puech, August 2011



20. Saint Hern - Sant Hernin
Breton saint.

Sculpted by Seenu Shamnugam, August 2010



Carnoët - La Vallée des Saints

Sources & Information


  • Corentin, St.
  • Deer
  • Devil
  • Discalcéat, Jean
  • Dragon
  • Dumas, Jacques
  • Fish
  • Gildas, St.
  • Guirec, St.
  • Herbot, St.
  • Hern, St.
  • Hervé, St.
  • Idy, St.
  • Le Corre, J.
  • Le Gall, Norbert
  • Le Guen, Patrice
  • Lentz, Fabrice
  • Leveque, Olivier
  • Malo, St.
  • Panas, Bruno
  • Patern, St.
  • Patrick, St.
  • Paul Aurelian, St.
  • Puech, David
  • Samson, St.
  • Santig Du
  • Shamnugam, Seenu
  • Théleau, St.
  • Tudwal (Tugdual), St.
  • Wolf
  • Yves, St.
  • Location (N 48°22'14" - W 3°32'26")

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    Item Code: frbr068; Photograph: 29 May 2012  / updated: 21 November 2016
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