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Rue des Carrières
(La Roche des Poètes)

Anatole Le Braz

Anotole Lebras
Saint-Servais 1882 - Menton 1926
Breton writer, folklore collector and translator
Émile Armel-Beaufils

Ploumanac'h /  Anatole Le Braz   Ploumanac'h /  Anatole Le Braz


Bronze plaque on a large rock.


Anatole Le Braz

Signed: Armel-Beaufils / 1928

La Roche des Poètes - Ploumanac'h

In 1910, the Tourist Office of Perros-Guirec and some writers decided to make a rock situated between La Clarté and Ploumanac'h into a place of remembrance of writers who were inspired by the site. On the rock, bronze portrait plaques were mounted. Each time, a medallion was added, a festive day was organised, the Fête des Chantres du Trégor (Festival of the Trégor singers). The first festival took place 28 August 28 1910, with the unveiling of the medallion of the poet Gabriel Vicaire, designed by the sculptor Pierre Lenoir. On 2 September 1928, the medallion of the writer Anatole Le Braz by Armel-Beaufils was inaugurated. The third and last medallion added, was that of Charles Le Goffic made by Louis-Henri Nicot, which was affixed 26 August 1933. The rock was successively named Rocher du Dante (Dante's Rock), Roche des Soupirs (Rock of Sighs), Roche des Martyrs (Martyrs' Rock) and Roche des Poètes (Poets' Rock).

A fourth plaque meant for this rock, from Durocher, was later placed on a rock in Trégastel.

Ploumanac'h - La Roche des Poètes


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Location (N 48°49'23" - W 3°28'45")

Item Code: frbr020; Photograph: 27 May 2012
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