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Jardin des Personnalités

Jardin des Personnalités

Garden of Personalities

Christian Champagne & Jean-Marc de Pas

Honfleur /  Jardin des Personnalités


Garden museum, inaugurated on 13 June 2004, dedicated to the great figures of the past who have left their stamp on the life and history of this Normandy town. The garden is beautifully landscaped over more than 20 acres and pays tribute to 21 persons. Each person has a space of his or her own, with a bust and a sign with hommage to their work.

There are four "categories":

Location of the various busts


1. Erik Satie
Honfleur 1866 - Paris 1925
French composer and pianist (Wikipedia).

On the back "e. satie".

2. Lucie Delarue-Mardrus
Honfleur 1874 - Château-Gontier 1945
French journalist, poet, novelist, sculptor, historian and designer

On the back "lucie / delarue / mardrus".
Signed: champagne

3. Alphonse Allais
Honfleur 1854 - Paris 1905
French writer and humorist

4. Binot Paulmier de Gonneville
b. Gonneville-sur-Honfleur, end of 15th century/early 16th century
French navigator, sailed in 1503 to Brazil (Wikipedia).

On the back "binot paulmier de gonneville".
Signed: par C. Champagne / en 2003

5. Samuel de Champlain
Brouage, France 1567 - Québec 1635
French navigator, geographer, cartographer

On the back "Samuel de champlain".
Signed: par C. Champagne / en 2003

6. Jean-Baptiste Colbert
Reims 1619 - Paris 1683
French statesman during the reign of Louis XIV, ordered the development of Honfleur's harbour

On the back "jean-baptiste / colbert".
Signed: M de Pas / i/iv / 2007

7. Albert Sorel
Honfleur 1842 - Paris 1906
French historian

On the back "a sorel".
Signed: champagne

8. Pierre Berthelot
Blessed Denis of the Nativity
Honfleur 1600 - Achem 1638
French pilot and cosmographer of the King of Portugal (Wikipedia).

Signed: champagne

9. Louis-Alexandre Dubourg
Honfleur 1821 - Honfleur 1991
French painter (Wikipedia).

On the back "louis alexandre / dubourg".
Signed: M de Pas / i/iv / 2007

10. Léon Leclerc
Honfleur 1866 - Honfleur 1930
French painter

On the back "l leclerc".
Signed: champagne

11. Marie Catherine Le Jumel de Barneville
Barneville la Bertran 1650 - Paris 1705
French writer known for her fairy tales

On the back "c. d'aulnoys".
Signed: champagne 200?

12. Johan Barthold Jongkind
Latrop 1819 - Grenoble 1891
Dutch painter and printmaker, worked in Honfleur 1863-1865 (Wikipedia).

On the back "b. jongkind".
Signed: champagne

13. Charles Baudelaire
Paris 1821 - Paris 1867
French poet and art critic, stayed in Honfleur 1859 at his mother's and stepfather's home

On the back "c. baudelaire".
Signed: champagne

14. Eugène Boudin
Honfleur 1824 - Deauville 1898
French landscape painter

On the back "Eugene Boudin".
Signed: M de Pas / ii/iv / 2007

15. Claude Monet
Paris 1840 - Giverny 1926
French painter, stayed several times in Honfleur and made paintings of that town

On the back "claude / monet".
Signed: champagne

16. Charles V le Sage / Charles V the Wise
Vincennes 1338 - Beauté-sur-Marne 1380
King of France, 1364-1380, ordered the construction of the Honfleur fortifications

On the back "charles z".
Signed: champagne

17. Alexandre Olivier Exmelin
also "Exquemelin" or "Oexmelin"
c. 1646 - Harfleur 1707
French writer best known as the author of one of the most important sourcebooks of 17th century piracy

On the back "Alexander Olivier / Exmelin".
Signed: 2008 M de Pas / 1/8

18. Michel Serrault
Brunoy, Essonne 1928 - Honfleur-Vasouy 2007
French actor who appeared in over 150 films

Bronze bust. On the back of the bust: "1928 Michel Serrault / 1928 2007".
Signed: M de Pas / 2010

19. Françoise Sagan
real name Françoise Quoirez
Cajarc, Lot 1935 - Equemauville, Calvados 2004
French playwright, novelist, and screenwriter

On the back of the bust: "1935-2004 / Françoise Sagan".
Signed: M de Pas / 2010



Sources & Information


  • Bust (woman)
  • Champagne, Christian
  • Champlain, Samuel de
  • Charles V (King of France)
  • Colbert, Jean-Baptiste
  • Composer
  • Cosmographer
  • de Pas, Jean-Marc
  • Delarue-Mardrus, Lucie
  • Dubourg, Louis-Alexandre
  • Exmelin, Alexandre Olivier
  • Explorer
  • Historian
  • Jongkind, Johan Barthold
  • Journalist
  • LeJumel de Barneville, Marie Catherine
  • Leclerc, Léon
  • Monarch
  • Monet, Claude
  • Navigator
  • Painter
  • Paulmier de Gonneville, Binot
  • Politician/Statesman
  • Sagan, Françoise
  • Satie, Erik
  • Sculptor
  • Serrault, Michel
  • Sorel, Albert
  • Writer / poet
  • Locatie (N 49°25'39" - E 0°13'39") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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