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Rue de l'Église
(Église protestante)

Martin Luther et Martin Bucer

Martin Luther and Martin Bucer

Initiators of the Protestant Reformation
Alfred Marzolff

Sessenheim /  Martin Luther et Martin Bucer   Sessenheim /  Martin Luther et Martin Bucer


At both sides of the church portal are sandstone statues of:
  1. Martin Luther (right)
    (Eisleben 1483 - Eisleben 1546), German priest and professor of theology who initiated the Protestant Reformation (Wikipedia).
  2. Martin Bucer (left)
    (Sélestat 1491 - Cambridge 1551), German Protestant reformer based in Strasbourg who influenced Lutheran, Calvinist, and Anglican doctrines and practices (Wikipedia).
The church is built in 1912 by architect Jos. Müller. The statue are placed in 2006 after models made in 1932 by Marzolff.



Location (N 48°47'58" - E 7°59'8")

Item Code: fral039; Photograph: 19 April 2012  / updated: 20 February 2017
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