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Rue Deharbe / Cour de l'Abbaye

L'ours assis

Sitting Bear

artist unknown

Andlau /  L'ours assis   Andlau /  L'ours assis


Red sandstone statue of a sitting bear.

Andlau and the bear

The bear is the symbol of Andlau and Saint Richardis of Swabia.

According to the Richardis, the wife of Emperor Charles the Fat was in 887 accused of misconduct by her husband. To show his innocence she submits herself to the test of fire. Barefoot and wearing a shirt covered with wax, she passes through the flames unharmed. Although her innocence was proved, she left the imperial palace and went into the forest. An angel appeared and ordered her to found a monastery at the place to be supplied by a bear. At the entrance of the Val d'Eleon, on the banks of the river, she sees the beast announced scraping the ground.
At that spot she founded the abbey of Andlau. Since that time, Andlau is the bear village, 'le village aux ours'.



Locatie (N 48°23'17" - E 7°24'56") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: fral028; Photograph: 17 April 2012
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