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Meritullintori 3
(Meritullin seurakunnantalo - Meritulli Parish Hall)

Pietarin kalansaalis

Peter's miraculous catch of fish

Carl Wilhelms

Helsinki /  Pietarin kalansaalis   Helsinki /  Pietarin kalansaalis


Relief of ceramic tiles illustrating a story from the New Testament (Luke 5, verse 1), where Jesus calls upon Peter and the other disciples. In the passage Jesus is teaching from the boat of a fisherman named Peter. After finishing he tells Peter to row the boat to deep water and cast his nets. Peter replies that he has been fishing all night with no catch. Yet he does what Jesus asks of him and receives a miraculous draught of fish.


wilhelms / 1951


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Location (N 60°10'11" - E 24°57'30")

Item Code: fi085; Photograph: 30 June 2013
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