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Havis Amanda

Ville Vallgren

Helsinki /  Havis Amanda   Helsinki /  Havis Amanda


Fountain with in the center a mermaid who stands on seaweed as she rises from the water, with four fish spouting water at her feet and surrounded by four sea lions. She is depicted leaning backwards as if to say goodbye to her element. Vallgren's intention was to symbolize the rebirth of Helsinki.

Helsinki - Havis Amanda Helsinki - Havis Amanda


(sea lions) Vallgren Paris 1906


According to Vallgren's letters the model for the statue was a then 19-year-old Parisian lady, Marcelle Delquini.

Vallgren himself simply called the work Merenneito (English: The Mermaid), but it quickly started to get additional nicknames. The Finland-Swedish newspapers dubbed it Havis Amanda and the Finnish Haaviston Manta or simply Manta. Havis Amanda is the common name used in brochures and travel guides.

It was sculpted by Vallgren in Paris in 1906 and unveiled in Helsinki 20 September 1908.

Helsinki - Havis Amanda


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Location (N 60°10'3" - E 24°57'4")

Item Code: fi083; Photograph: 30 June 2013
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