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Mannerheimintie 3
(Vanha Ylioppilastalo - Old Student Union Building)

Ilmarinen ja Väinämöinen

Ilmarinen and Väinämöinen

Figures from the epos Kalevala
Robert Stigell & Walter Runeberg

Helsinki /  Ilmarinen ja Väinämöinen


Two statues, cast in cement, in niches by Stigel, depicting:
  1. Ilmarinen forging a plough. Seppo Ilmarinen, the Eternal Hammerer, blacksmith and inventor in the Kalevala, is an archetypal artificer from Finnish mythology (Wikipedia).
  2. Väinämöinen playing the kantele. He is the main character in the national epic Kalevala. He was described as an old and wise man, and he possessed a potent, magical voice (Wikipedia).

Helsinki - Ilmarinen ja Väinämöinen
Helsinki - Ilmarinen ja Väinämöinen

At the roof is a frieze by Runeberg depicting Cleobis and Biton. The central group of the frieze depicts Cleobis and Biton pulling their mother along in a wagon. They are followed by a procession of priestesses on the left, carrying cult objects, and a small group of people and a some sacrificial lambs. On the right there are soldiers and citizens observing the procession.

Helsinki - Ilmarinen ja Väinämöinen


Sources & Information


  • Bison / Buffalo
  • Cleobis
  • Ilmarinen
  • Kalevala
  • Runeberg, Walter
  • Smith
  • Stigell, Robert
  • Väinämöinen
  • Locatie (N 60°10'8" - E 24°56'26") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: fi077; Photograph: 30 June 2013
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