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Sibeliuksenväylä 42
(Uudenmaan Maaseutuopisto - Uusimaa Agricultural Academy)

Sonni Gray

Gray the Bull

John Munsterhjelm

Järvenpää /  Sonni Gray   Järvenpää /  Sonni Gray


Bronze sculpture of a bull.


Munsterhjelm Suur Merijoki 19 17/III 13


The sculpture was made in commission for Maximilian Neuscheller of the Manor Suur Merijoki in Vyborg to immortalize the Ayrshire bull imported from Scotland. The bull was taken from Vyborg by Finnish soldiers during the second world war and donated to the town of Järvenpää.

Järvenpää - Sonni Gray
Statue by John Munsterhjelm at the Manor House of Suur-Merijoki, Viipurin maalaiskunta. Photo taken 1928. The Manor House (now in ruins) was designed by Eliel Saarinen, Herman Gesellius and Armas Lindgren. The statue was carried 1944 to Järvenpää by two Finnish officers. The statue was so dear to them (Alec Hänninen, Picasaweb).

Järvenpää - Sonni Gray


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Location (N 60°27'38" - E 25°5'18")

Item Code: fi071; Photograph: 29 June 2013
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