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Barcelona (prov.)

Plaça Reial / Carrer de Colom

Retrats dels espanyols del segle 16 en relació amb América

Portraits of Spanish men from the 16th century related to America


Barcelona /  Retrats dels espanyols del segle 16 en relació amb América   Barcelona /  Retrats dels espanyols del segle 16 en relació amb América


Eight portrait medallions, on the corners of the Carrer de Colom with the Plaça Reial:

    North corner
    Plaça Reial (north-south):
  1. fernando de cordoba - Francisco Hernández de Córdoba (1475? - Sancti Spíritus, Cuba, 1517), Spanish explorer of Yucatan (Wikipedia).
  2. juan sebastian elcano - Juan Sebastián Elcano (Getaria, Gipuzkoa 1486 - Pacific Ocean 1526), Basque explorer who completed the first circumnavigation of the world as Magellan's second in command (Wikipedia).
    Carrer de Colom (east-west):
  3. andres vidaneta - Andrés Vidaneta, Spanish explorer, discovered New Guinea in 1528.
  4. cisneros - probably Francisco Jiménez de Cisneros (Torrelaguna 1436 - Roma 1517), Spanish cardinal and statesman, principal adviser and confessor to Queen Isabella of Castille, by sending Franciscans to Santo Domingo, he took charge of evangelizing Native Americans (Wikipedia).

    South corner
    Plaça Reial (south-north):

  5. magallanes - Fernão de Magalhães, Ferdinand Magellan; Spanish: Fernando de Magallanes (Sabrosa, Portugal 1480 - Mactán, Philippines 1521), Portuguese explorer, his expedition of 1519-1522 was the first expedition to sail from the Atlantic Ocean into the Pacific Ocean and the first circumnavigation of the Earth, although Magellan himself did not complete the entire voyage (Wikipedia)..
  6. cortés - Hernán Cortés (Medellín, Badajoz, 1485 - Castilleja de la Cuesta, Sevilla 1547), Spanish Conquistador who led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire (Wikipedia).
    Carrer de Colom (east-west):
  7. ercilla - Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga (Madrid 1533-1594) Spanish nobleman, soldier and epic poet from the Basque Country, fought against the Araucanians in Chile (Wikipedia).
  8. pizarro - Francisco Pizarro (Trujillo c. 1471 or 1476 - Lima 1541), Spanish conquistador, conqueror of the Incan Empire, and founder of Lima (Wikipedia).










The Plaça Reial, designed by Francesc Daniel Molina, was finished in 1848.


  • Cisneros, Francisco Jiménez de
  • Cortez, Hernando
  • Elcano, Juan Sebastián
  • Ercilla y Zúñiga, Alonso de
  • Explorer
  • Hernández de Córdoba, Francisco
  • Magalhães, Fernão de
  • Pizarro, Francisco
  • Vidaneta, Andrés
  • Locatie (N 41°22'47" - E 2°10'30") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

    Item Code: escy041; Photograph: 5 September 2011
    Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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