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Hacienda Zorita  

Inscripción en la Hacienda Zorita

Inscription at the Hacienda Zorita


Valverdón /  Inscripción en la Hacienda Zorita   Valverdón /  Inscripción en la Hacienda Zorita


Latin inscription to the left of the altar of the chapel San Nicolás de las Viñas at the Hacienda Zorita.
See also the nearby monument at Valcuevo.


Christophorvs Colvmbvs
inventor Americae
hic orationes valcovenses egit a.d. mcdlxxxvii

(Here, Cristopher Columbus, discoverer of America, treated the Valcuevo discussions in the year 1487)

To the right of the alter is an inscription:

Ricardo Lagos Escobar
rei pvblicæ Chile præsis hoc sedet
conventus hispanvs-americanvs a.d. mmv
(Ricardo Lagos Escobar, president of the Republic of Chile, lived here during the Ibero-Amican Summit in the year 2005).
N.B. This Summit took place in Salamanca, 13 October 2005.


The chapel is part of the Hacienda Zorita, a wine hotel (very good hotel, recommended!).
Hacienda Zorita dates from 1345 and was founded by an early order of Dominican monks. Doña Inés de Limoges donated the house and mill of Zorita to the Convent of San Esteban in Salamanca, which was governed by the preaching friars of the Dominican order. Even in those days it was a prosperous Hacienda, which consisted of vineyards, and baking houses. Records show that in 1485 the Hacienda hosted its most famous visitor, Christopher Columbus who, stayed here before setting sail on his discovery of America.
The hotel opened in 2005 after a restauration of the buildings, which originate from the 14th century. The inscriptions were painted at the restauration, and after October 2005. It is not clear if the Columbus inscription was already present.


Location (N 41°2'25" - W 5°45'28")

Item Code: escl012; Photograph: 11 May 2006
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