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Madrigal de las Altas Torres
Ávila (prov.)

Castilla y León

Convento Agustinas  

Placa en el lugar de nacimiento de la reina Isabel

Plaque at the Birth Place of Queen Isabel


Madrigal de las Altas Torres /  Placa en el lugar de nacimiento de la reina Isabel


Several plaques on at the entrance and in the cloister of the Convento de Nuestra Señora de Gracia of the Augustine nuns of Madrigal. At the entrance are two plaquetes, in the cloister two bronze and three azulejo plaquettes. Most of these relate to the birth of Queen Isabella in this convent, but three of them also refer to the discovery of America.


1. Plaque at the entrance:

en vísperas del quinto centenario del
primer viaje de cristóbal Colón, al que
hoy llamamos continente americano, los
ciudadanos del condado de béxar, estado
de texas, ee.uu., rinden homenaje a
por ser el lugar de nacimiento de la
reina isabel la católica y haber sido
ésta la que, con su inteligencia, arrojo
amor humano y cristiano y apoyo material,
hizo posible el descubrimiento del,
entonces, mundo desconocido, el día
12 de octubre de 1492.

On the advent of the fifth centennial of
the initial voyage of Christopher Columbus
to America, the citizens of Béxar county,
Texas, U.S.A., pay homage to
birthplace of Queen Isabel the catholic
whose intellect, boldness of spirit, love
of humanity and christianity, and material
assistance contributed significantly to
the discovery of the then unknown world
on October 12, 1492.
Comision de historia del condado de Bexar
Bexar County Historical Commission
San Antonio, Texas, EE.UU./U.S.A., 1984
Dr. Felix D. Almáraz Jr., chairman.
2. Bronze plaque in the cloister:

el centro avila de buenos aires
a doña isabel de castilla
unificadora de españa y
descubridora de américa
(The Centro Avila of Buenos Aires to Isabel of Castile, unificator of Spain and discoverer of America)
3. Azulejo in the cloister:
El Colegio Mayor Hispanoamericano
"Ntra. Sra. De Guadelupe" en homena-
je y recuerdo a Isabel I de Castilla
por cuya intuicion genial los sueños
de Colon fueron una empresa de Es-
paña. 22 de Abril de 1.986.
(The Hispano-American Grand College "Our Lady of Guadelupe" in tribute and memory to Isabel I of Castile whose briljant intuition the dreams of Columbus were a company of Spain. 22 April 1986
N.B. The Colegio Mayor Hispanoamericano Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe is located in the university center of Madrid)


Madrigal de las Altas Torres is a small fortified town in the northern part of the province of Avila. In 1452 in this town Queen Isabel of Castila was born in a palace which is now the convent. She died in Medina del Campo, ca. 25 km to the north.

The Bexar plaquette was the start of this website, or as Mike Argento wrote in 2001 in the York Daily Record after I gave him an interview (full article here):

Then, in 1999, he was visiting Spain when he took a side trip to Madrigal de las Altas Torres, a desolate little town on a hilltop in the high plains of central Spain. On the square was an old monastery. Next to the gate was a plaque commemorating it as the birthplace of Queen Isabella, who, if you’ll recall from third-grade history class, sent Columbus sailing across the ocean blue.
Nothing weird about that, except this. The plaque had been put in place in honor of the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s voyage. The group that installed the plaque: The Bexar County Historical Commission of San Antonio, Texas.
Think about that. A historical commission from Texas put up this plaque in Spain to mark the birthplace of Queen Isabella in honor of the anniversary of Columbus’ sailing across the ocean and discovering, not Texas, but the West Indies, which Columbus thought was India anyway because that’s what he was looking for.
Van der Krogt said he figured he might as well do something about this phenomena. So he started up a Web site that lists every Columbus memorial in the world.

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Location (N 41°5'12" - W 4°59'45")

Item Code: escl003; Photograph: 12 May 2006
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