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Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Plaza de las Nieves

Muñeco de Nieve


Jiří Georg Dokoupil

Santa Cruz de Tenerife /  Muñeco de Nieve   Santa Cruz de Tenerife /  Muñeco de Nieve


Very large sculpture of a snowman.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Muñeco de Nieve
To show how large the snowman is René stands in front of it.

A article in El Diario of 13 February 2013 (translated with DeepL):
The famous Snowman located on the Avenida de Los Majuelos on the border between Santa Cruz and La Laguna has been chosen by two votes across the country as one of the ten ugliest monuments in Spain. Specifically, digital Libertad Digital and informació have been conducting a macro survey among its readers for years. In the first case, the result is that this monument occupies the fifth place among the greatest monumental horrors and in the second place the eighth of the worst 23,000 roundabouts in Spain. In the Libertad Digital ranking, the sculpture from Tenerife has received more than 1,600 votes and has been the object of all kinds of unfavourable comments in the style of: "Monument to Christmas, that's how our money is spent". Peninsular voters are struck by the fact that on an island that stands out for its good weather, a tribute is made to the snow.


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Location (N 28°26'46" - W 16°18'30")

Item Code: esca709; Photograph: 4 February 2020
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