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La Matanza de Acentejo

Avenida Tinguaro / Avenida General del Norte

Achimencey Tinguaro

(died 1495)
Guanche warrior; was in charge of the area known as Acentejo. Half-brother of the mencey Bencomo, Tinguaro led the Guanche forces to victory against the invading Castilians in the First Battle of Acentejo.
Miguel Ángel Padilla & Jaime Alonso Fernandez

La Matanza de Acentejo /  Achimencey Tinguaro   La Matanza de Acentejo /  Achimencey Tinguaro


Large statue of the Achimencey Tinguaro blowing on a conch and holding a spear.

La Matanza de Acentejo - Achimencey Tinguaro

The authorship of the statue was in 2015 claimed by Jaime Alonso, who requested that "the work be removed or, if necessary, covered up or covered over", given that he was not satisfied with certain retouches that Padilla made to his work. Padilla had commissioned the sculpture from Alonso, who charged a fee. According to Alonso, 90% of the work is his, but Padilla had later made some changes which, in his opinion, also hinder the quality of the sculpture. The sculptor also denounces that the founder erased his signature from the work after it was delivered. On the other hand, Padilla assures that he limited himself to commission the sculptor a mechanical work for which he received a financial compensation, and that it is a practice in the sector that he usually carries out with other artists, without this implying any copyright on the final result. Now, the court will decide which signature should go at the bottom of the representation of the achimencey.

We have not found any more information. The statue is however still there and on the plaque is only Padilla's name. So we give both names as author. If that is not correct, please inform us.


    Esta escultura se alza en homenaje al achimencey Tinguaro, héroe
guanche de las tierras de Acentejo i símbolo de la nobleza, la valentía y
el coraje de nuestro pueblo, La Matanza de Acentejo.
    Que su presencia como guardián preserve nuestra paz y nuestro
Escultor: Miguel Ángel Padilla

En la Villa de La Matanza de Acentejo, 1 de mayo de 2007
    This sculpture is raised in homage to Achimencey Tinguaro, Guanche
hero from the lands of Acentejo and symbol of nobility, courage and
courage of our people, La Matanza de Acentejo.
    May his presence as guardian preserve our peace and our
Sculptor: Miguel Ángel Padilla

In the village of La Matanza de Acentejo, 1 May 2007

La Matanza de Acentejo - Achimencey Tinguaro


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Locatie (N 28°26'53" - W 16°27'27") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: esca617; Photograph: 1 February 2020
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