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Santa Cruz de Tenerife


Plaza de la Candelaria

Triunfo de la Virgen de la Candelaria

Triumph of the Virgin of Candelaria

Pasquale Bocciardo

Santa Cruz de Tenerife /  Triunfo de la Virgen de la Candelaria   Santa Cruz de Tenerife /  Triunfo de la Virgen de la Candelaria


The Virgin of Candelaria or Our Lady of Candelaria (Spanish: Virgen de Candelaria or Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria), popularly called La Morenita, celebrates the Virgin Mary on the island of Tenerife. The center of worship is located in the city of Candelaria. She is depicted as a Black Madonna. The Royal Basilica Marian Shrine of Our Lady of Candelaria (Basilica of Candelaria) is considered the main church dedicated to the Virgin Mary in the Canary Islands and she is the patron saint of the Canary Islands. According to a legend recorded by Alonso de Espinosa in 1594, a statue of the Virgin Mary, bearing a child in one hand and a green candle in the other (hence "Candelaria"), was discovered on the beach of Chimisay (Güïmar) by two Guanche goatherds in 1392. This was before the Castilian conquest of the island of Tenerife (the island was not fully conquered until 1496).

In 1778 the marble monument "Triunfo de la Candelaria" was inaugurated as a gift to the city from Captain Bartolomé Antonio Montañés. In order to exhibit his opulence and show his particular devotion to the Island's Patron Saint, he brought this work from a Genoese workshop. It is a 11 m high column with a statue of the Virgin of Candelaria, with at the base four Guanche kings who pay homage to the statue. On the column is the text 'PLAZA REAL'. The sculptures are by Bocciardo. The base and the column were probably commissioned from a peninsular workshop. The inscription dated 1778 on the four faces of the pyramid reflects its donor and explains its meaning. That date is the date of its final completion, as the sculptures had been on the island for ten years.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Triunfo de la Virgen de la Candelaria
Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Triunfo de la Virgen de la Candelaria


A expensas, y cordial deuocion
del Capitan
dn Bartholomé Antonio Montañez
Castellano perpetuo
del Castillo Real de la Marina
de Candelaria
Año de Nero Señor Iesu Christi
el X del Pontificado
de Nero SS. Padre Clemente XIII
Y el IX de la Proclamacion en Madrid
de Nero Catholico Rey y Senor
D Carlos III.
Esta Sacra Pyramide
se erige
Monumento de Christiana Piedad
Para eterna memoria
De la maravillosa aparicion
Imagen de MARIA Santissima,
cuyo sagrado Bulto
adoraron en esta Isla
los Gentiles
104 años
antes de la predicacion
del Euangelio
Los Regios Succesores
de Thenerife
coronados de flores
y trayendo
pro Cetros magestuosos
las aridas canillas
de su Padre
reuerenciaron oculto Numen
en esta Santa Imagen,
uieron la luz de Dios
entre las sombras,
y la inuocacaron
en todas sus angustias
Los Christianos Conquistadores
la aclamaron
Patrocino especial de Thenerife.
Los Isleños
Patrona general de las Canarias
Su Templo es frequentado,
sus milagros continuos
que es Imagen
de aquella Augusta Madre
de Dios,
que por los hombres
se hizo Hombre.
At the expense, and cordial devotion
of Captain
dn Bartholomé Antonio Montañez Perpetual Castellan
of the Royal Castle of the Navy
of Candelaria
In the year of Our Lord Jesu Christi
the 10th of the Pontificate
of our lord Father Clement XIII
And the 9th of the Proclamation in Madrid
of our Our Catholic King and Lord
Charles III
This Sacred Pyramid
stands as
Monument of Christiana Piedad
for eternal memory
of the miraculous appearance
of the Canderia
statue of the most holy Mary,
whose sacred Lump
was worshipped on this Island
by the Guanches
104 years
before the preaching
of the gospel.
The Royal Successors
of Tenerife
crowned with flowers
and bringing
pro Magestic Scepters?
the arid shins?
of his Father?
Numen was secretly refuted?
in this Holy Statue,
They saw the light of God
in the shadows,
and invoked her
in all their distress
The Christian Conquerors
acclaimed her
special patronage of Tenerife,
the islanders as
general patron saint of the Canary Islands.
Her church is frequented,
her miracles continous
Adore her
she is the statue
of that August Mother
of God,
who for mankind
became a man.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife - Triunfo de la Virgen de la Candelaria


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Location (N 28°28'0" - W 16°14'52")

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