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Rambla de los Menceyes

Los Menceyes Guanches

The Guanche Kings

Alfredo Reyes Darías

Candelaria /  Los Menceyes Guanches   Candelaria /  Los Menceyes Guanches


Ten large statues made of volcanic stone of menceyes (Guanche kings) who ruled at the end of the 15th century the aboriginal Guanche menceyatos, the pre-Castillian kingdoms of Tenerife. They are the descendants of mencey Tinerfe the Great, who had his court in Adeje (one hundred years before the conquest) and ruled over the entire island. He had nine legitimate children and one bastard son, Guahuco, and divided the island into nine menceyatos (kingdoms). The bastard son ruled the region of Punta del Hidalgo, being the smallest and poorest menceyato on the island; he was succeeded by his son Zebensui.

These statues stood originally on the Plaza Patrona de Canarias, but were soon detoriated by the influence of the sea. In 1993 they were replaced by nine bronze statues made by José Abad (see here). The tenth statue, of Zebensui, was not made in bronce.
Around 2000, the original stone statues were placed along the Rambla de los Menceyes.
Idenfication of eight of the statues was possible with help of the postcard 'Los Guanches y su Virgen', showing the ten statues with their names - however, for Pelicar and Romen the same statue was illustrated on the postcard, photographed from a different angle. The names in capitals below are those from the postcard.

Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
PELICAR (or Romen)
king of Menceyato de Adeje (or Daute) (Pelicar: Wikipedia).
Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Icode (Wikipedia).
Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Taoro (Wikipedia).
Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Güímar (Wikipedia).
Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Tegueste (Wikipedia).
Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
Adjoña, king of Menceyato de Abona (Wikipedia).
Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Anaga (Wikipedia).
Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
Zebensui, ruler of Punta del Hidalgo
Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
ROMEN (or Pelicar)
king of Menceyato de Daute (or Adeje) (Romen: Wikipedia).
Candalaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Tacoronte (Wikipedia).

Old Postcard(s)

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Sources & Information


  • Adjoña (mensey)
  • Añaterve (mensey)
  • Bencomo (mensey)
  • Beneharo (mensey)
  • Guanche
  • Monarch
  • Pelicar (mensey)
  • Pelinor (mensey)
  • Reyes Darías, Alfredo
  • Romen (mensey)
  • Statue
  • Tegueste II (mensey)
  • Zebensui (mensey)
  • Location (N 28°21'50" - W 16°22'1")

    Item Code: esca556; Photograph: 31 January 2020
    Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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