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Plaza Patrona de Canarias

Los Menceyes Guanches

The Guanche Kings

José Abad
Fundiciónes Magisa (Madrid)

Candelaria /  Los Menceyes Guanches   Candelaria /  Los Menceyes Guanches


Nine large bronze statues of the menceyes (Guanche kings) who ruled at the end of the 15th century the nine aboriginal Guanche menceyatos, the pre-Castillian kingdoms of Tenerife. They are the descendants of mencey Tinerfe the Great, had his court in Adeje (one hundred years before the conquest) and ruled over the entire island. He had nine legitimate children and one illegitimate child, who later rebelled, and divided the island into nine menceyatos (kingdoms).

Originally there were ten statues made of volcanic stone, which detoriated and were transferred to the Rambla de los Menceyes (see here) in the late 20th century. The present bronze mencey statues were inaugurated on 13 August 1993.

The statues stand in alphabetical order on the sea side of the square, with their back to the see. Large large boulders with their names serve as pedestal. On a tenth boulder are two text plaques.
The names in capitals below are those from the name signs.

Candelaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
Acaimo, king of Menceyato de Tacoronte (Wikipedia).
Candelaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
Adjoña, king of Menceyato de Abona (Wikipedia).
Candelaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
Añaterve, king of Menceyato de Güímar (Wikipedia).
Candelaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Taoro (Wikipedia).
Candelaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Anaga (Wikipedia).
Candelaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Adeje (Wikipedia).
Candelaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Icode (Wikipedia).
Candelaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
king of Menceyato de Daute (Wikipedia).
Candelaria - Los Menceyes Guanches
Tegueste II, king of Menceyato de Tegueste (Wikipedia).


este conjunto escultorico
obra del tinerfeño
jose abad
fue inaugurado el 13 de agosto de 1993
siendo alcalde de esta villa
el ilmo. sr. d. antonio hernandez marrero.
la fundacion
que gestiono la obra esta compuesta por:
ilmo. ayuntamiento de candelaria
rvdo. padre d. jesus mendoza gonzalez
d. antonio plasencia santos
· · · · · ·
representan estas esculturas a
los menceyes guanches
existentes en el momemto de la conquista de
la isla de tenerife.
This sculptural group,
the work of the Tenerifan
José Abad,
was inaugurated on 13 August 1993
being mayor of this town
the ill. mr. Antonio Hernández Marrero.
the foundation
that managed the work is composed of: the city council of Candelaria
Rev. Father Jesus Mendoza González
mr. Antonio Plasencia Santos
· · · · · ·
These sculptures represent
the Guanche menceyes
living at the time of the conquest of
the island of Tenerife.
gratitud de la villa de candelaria
A quienes con su aportacion
han hecho posible esta obra:
excmo. cabildo insular de tenerife
ilmo. ayuntamiento de candelaria
comuidad de los padres dominicos
promotora punta larga s.a.
union electrica de canarias
· · · · · ·
gratitud en especial al
gobierno de canarias
y a todos los que con su colaboracion
han contribudo a hacer realidad este
anhelo de todos los canarios.
Gratitude of the town of Candelaria
to those who with their contribution
have made this work possible:
The island council of Tenerife
The town council of Candelaria
Community of the Dominican Fathers
Promotora Punta Larga S.A.
Union Electrica de Canarias
· · · · · ·
Special thanks to the
Canarian government
and to all those who with their collaboration
have contributed to make this
desire of all Canarians a reality.


(Adjona:) escultor: j. josé abad
fundición: magisa
1992-1993 tenerife - madrid


Sources & Information


  • Adjoña (mensey)
  • Añaterve (mensey)
  • Bencomo (mensey)
  • Beneharo (mensey)
  • Guanche
  • Magisa (Madrid), Fundiciónes
  • Monarch
  • Pelicar (mensey)
  • Pelinor (mensey)
  • Romen (mensey)
  • Statue
  • Tegueste II (mensey)
  • Location (N 28°21'6" - W 16°22'9")

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