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Calle Chacona  
(Pirámides de Güímar)

Thor Heyerdahl

Larvik, Norway 1914 - Colla Micheri, Italy 2002
Norwegian adventurer and ethnographer with a background in zoology, botany, and geography
Dyre Vaa

Güímar /  Thor Heyerdahl   Güímar /  Thor Heyerdahl


Head of Thor Heyerdahl in front of the replica of the Ra II reed boat, with which he crossed the Atlantic Ocean in 1970.
Heyerdahl believed "in a possible relationship between the existence of the pyramids [of Güímar] and the pre Hispanic civilisation on Tenerife". Most of the scholars however assume that "the pyramids were built in the 19th century with the acknowledgement that they are not simply piles of stones."

Outside the museum, in public space, is a bust of Heyderdahl.


dyre vaa

Güímar - Thor Heyerdahl



Location (N 28°19'15" - W 16°24'48")

Item Code: esca546; Photograph: 31 January 2020
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