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Puerto de la Cruz

Plaza de San Amaro
(Mirador de la Paz)

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie, née Miller
Torquay, Devon 1890 - Winterbrook, Oxfordshire 1976
English writer, known for her 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections
Marta von Poroszlay

Puerto de la Cruz /  Agatha Christie   Puerto de la Cruz /  Agatha Christie


Bust of Agatha Christie. She stayed in 1927 in Puerto de la Cruz. "Agatha based another story ‘The Man from the Sea’ on a particular setting in Tenerife. This short story is in her book ‘The Mysterious Mr Quin’, and is based around the estate of La Paz in Puerto de la Cruz. The house was the holiday home of the famous Cologan family. She used the country estate as the setting to write this short story."


En recuerdo de Agatha Christie y de
sy estancia en Puerto de la Cruz en 1927,
que le sirvió de inspiración para
su novela 'El enigmático mister Quin.'

In commemoration of Agatha Christie and
het stay in Puerto de la Cruz in 1927,
which served as inspiration for
het novel 'The Mysterious Mister Quin'.

25 de Noviembre de 2007

Escultora: Marta von Poroszlay


Puerto de la Cruz - Agatha Christie
to the left the Monument for the Tourist, also by Marta von Poroszlay.

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