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Santiago del Teide

Calle la Placeta / Avenida de la Iglesia

Pancracio Socas García

Mayor of Santiago del Teide, 1988-2003. He died in 2003 being candidate for reelection for a fifth term.
Dácil Travieso

Santiago del Teide /  Pancracio Socas García   Santiago del Teide /  Pancracio Socas García


Boulder with one polished side, on wich a portrait relief of Socas, and a text plaque, which had disappeared before our visit. A photo of the plaque was found here.


"santiago del teide es fiel
testigo de tu gran persona,
tu inmejorable labor y tu
entrañable humanidad".

la asociacion de vecinos
cherfe en representación
del pueblo de la villa de
santiago del teide

Don Pancracio Socas García


desde el 9 de enero de 1988
hasta el 23 de mayo de 2003

por demostrar a lo largo de
toda su vida tu coherencia.

en la villa de santiago del teide

a 23 de mayo de 2004
"Santiago del Teide is a faithful
witness to your great person,
your unbeatable work and your
endearing humanity."

The neighborhood association
'Cherfe' on behalf
of the village of
Santiago del Teide

Don Pancracio Socas García


since 9 January 1988
until 23 May 2003

To be proven over the course of
all his life your coherence.

In the village of Santiago del Teide

23 May 2004





Location (N 28°17'50" - W 16°48'57")

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Item Code: esca489; Photograph: 29 January 2020
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