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Carretera de los Castillos
(Castillo San José)

La Marea creciente

The Rising Tide

Jason deCaires Taylor

Arrecife /  La Marea creciente   Arrecife /  La Marea creciente


Sculpture group of four riders in their fight against climate change, standing in the intertidal zone of the Bay of Nados in front of the Museo Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo (Castillo San José). The concrete pieces are made by Jason Taylor, initiator of the submarine museum of Playa Blanca, and are replicas of those exhibited in 2015 in the River Thames in London. The sculptures are made of concrete and are only good visible at low tide.

Arrecife - La Marea creciente Arrecife - La Marea creciente
Arrecife - La Marea creciente Arrecife - La Marea creciente

From the sculptor's website:

Each of the horses has a different rider, either a male suited figure or a young teenager. The suited figures illustrate an attitude of denial or ambivalence towards our current climate crisis whereas the young riders represent hope in effecting future change. As a whole the sculptures symbolise our desire to control natural forces, but their position in a vast body of moving water highlights our inherent fragility. It is intended to provide a disturbing metaphor for rising sea levels, demonstrating how little time we have to act, yet crucially it offers hope as it resets itself each day offering us the opportunity for change.


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Locatie (N 28°58'13" - W 13°31'59") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: esca476; Photograph: 21 April 2018
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