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El Tela - Homenaje a Andrés Parrilla

The Tela - Tribute to Andrés Parrilla

Andrés Parrilla Acuña
c. 1920? - 2009
skipper of a fishing boat Tela, a ship from Lanzarote that on 19 August 1978 was shot in Saharawi waters
José Aradas García

Teguise /  El Tela - Homenaje a Andrés Parrilla   Teguise /  El Tela - Homenaje a Andrés Parrilla


Bronze sculpture of a small boat on a huge wave, with a relief bust on the plaque. The monument stands in front of Parrilla's house.

Teguise - El Tela - Homenaje a Andrés Parrilla Teguise - El Tela - Homenaje a Andrés Parrilla


"El Tela"

Autor: José Aradas García

Andrés Parilla

el patrón qui arriesgó su vida
cuando el pesquero "TELA"
suffro un ataque terrorista el 16
de agosto de 1978, a pesar de
las graves heridas, se mantuvo
en el puente de mando,
alejando el barco de la costa y
salvando con su valor la vida de
sus compañeros.

Esta escultura es un homenaje
a todos los marinos que fueron
asesinados, herides o
secuestrados en la costa

Andrés Parilla

The skipper who risked his life
when the fishing boat "Tela"
suffered a terrorist attack on 16th
August 1978, despite of
the serious injuries, he remained
on the bridge, moving the
boat away from the coast and
saving with his courage the life of
his companions.

This sculpture is a tribute
to all the sailors who were
killed, wounded or
kidnapped on the coast of Africa


(plaque) aradas


Teguise - El Tela - Homenaje a Andrés Parrilla

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Location (N 29°3'36" - W 13°33'38")

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