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Paseo del Mar

Pescador de Sueños

Dream Fisherman

Juan Miguel Cubas

Tarajalejo /  Pescador de Sueños   Tarajalejo /  Pescador de Sueños


Statue of a fisherman with his net.


museo de las formas del mar

Pescador de Sueños

Juan Miguel Cubas. Fuerteventura, 1969

[Logo: Padilla Supermercados]

Tarajalejo, noviembre de 2017

Information Sign

From the Mareseum information sign:

La obra está dedicada a todas aquellas personas que de una u otra manera hacen posible que se cumplan los sueños de otros.

This artwork is dedicated to ali the people that in one way or another help others to make their dreams come true.

Das Kunstwerk ist allen Menschen gewidmet, dank denen auf die eine oder andere Weise die Traume anderer erfüllt werden.


'Mareseum' is an open-air museum that includes five pieces of art by by artists of different nationalities and based on the same topic: the sea and everything that belongs in it and is inspired by it.
These artworks were made in November 2017, at the 1st International Sculptors Meeting in Tarajalejo, FÔRMAR 2017, and they stretch along the village's promenade, creating a unique museum that invites you to discover and interpreting the artworks.

The five sculptures are:

  1. Pescador de Sueños, by Juan Miguel Cubas (Fuerteventura),
  2. Seahorse, by Antonina Fatkhullina (Russia),
  3. Ventana al infinito, by Ana Mamulashvili (Georgia) (abstract, included here to be complete),
  4. Ladrón de perlas IV, by Amancio González (Spain),
  5. Islas Canarias, by Jhon Gogaberishvili (Georgia),

Source & Information:
Ayuntamiento de Tuineje, 6 November 2017, ‘Mareseum’ el nuevo producto turístico que dinamizará el paseo marítimo de Tarajalejo.



Locatie (N 28°11'31" - W 14°7'3") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: esca409; Photograph: 17 April 2018
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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