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Piedras Caidas

Carretera FV-2 / Calle Melindraga (rotonda)



Lisbet Fernández

Piedras Caidas /  Caminos   Piedras Caidas /  Caminos


Sculpture group of 30 individual sculptures (nowadays only 19 left) of children – boys and girls – all with a height of about 110 cm (3½ feet), made in terracotta. The children are looking into the sky and their faces represent copies of faces of local children, mostly from Morro Jable and from friends. The children are arranged in two groups, standing on the symbol of Yin and Yang (☯). One group is looking in the direction of the estern heaven (sunrise), the other in the direction of the sunset.

The sculptress explains her work like this: ""The children represent the starting point of human growth, in which each child starts his/her own way in order to evolve towards the highest in life, like plants go towards the light.

Piedras Caidas - Caminos Piedras Caidas - Caminos Piedras Caidas - Caminos Piedras Caidas - Caminos Piedras Caidas - Caminos Piedras Caidas - Caminos

The work is complemented by the roundabout space as the oriental Yin Yang symbol which is the stage where all the human evolution takes place in his/her universe."

Piedras Caidas - Caminos
☯ - Yin and Yang - is good visible on Google Earth, with west on top

Eight of the statues of the southern group of 15 and three of the northern group are missing or destroyed (in March 2011, Google streetview, there were only 7 missing, see also the Facebook page 'Morro Jable', 6 and 7 December 2017).


[Coat of arms: Ayto. de Pájara]

El Ilustrísimo Ayuntamiento de Pájara


Conjuncto escultórico
Obra de la artista cubana Lisbet Fernández Ramos
Y siendo Alcalde de Pájara
D. Rafael Perdomo Betancort.
Marzo del 2007


The Illustrious Town Council of Pájara


Sculptural ensemble
Work by the Cuban sculptor Lisbet Fernández Ramos
And being Mayor of Pájara
Mr Rafael Perdomo Betancort.
March 2007

Piedras Caidas - Caminos


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Locatie (N 28°3'41" - W 14°19'2") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: esca378; Photograph: 15 April 2018
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