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Puerto del Rosario


Calle Juan Dominguez Peña



Edgardo Junco Nieto

Puerto del Rosario /  Arcabucero   Puerto del Rosario /  Arcabucero


Statue of an arquebusier.


Su Majestad
El Rey Juan Carlos I (q.D.g.)
inauguró esta escultura con motivo del
V Centenario del Regimiento "Soria 9".

Puerto del Rosario, 26 de Mayo de 2009.

His Majesty
King Juan Carlos I (may God protect him)
inaugurated this sculpture on the occasion of
the fifth centenary of the "Soria 9" Regiment.

Puerto del Rosario, 26 May 2009.


E Junco 2009

Information Sign

Arcabucero Author: Edgardo Junco Nieto. Bronze, 2009

The sculpture represents an Arquebusier from the famous Tercio of Naples, the first name proudly given in History to the Soria 9 Regiment, the oldest in Europe with origins dating back to 1509. Their clothing normally consisted of a morion, a steel mail cape and a jerkin (clothing made of leather, normally suede, with or without sleeves, that covered the body and fitted tightly to the waist. It olden days it included skirting no lower than the hips) or a leather waistcoat. Their main weapon was the arquebus, which consists of a canon mounted on a wooden support measuring approximately one metre in length, lightened towards the muzzle and reinforced towards the barrel. The additional equipment of the arquebusiers consisted of a bandolier from which the strings of loads of gunpowdeer hung in twelve copper or wooden containers (which were known as "the twelve disciples"), a reserve charge of gunpowder and a knapsack in which the shot, the fuse and the match to light it were kept. They were also armed with a sword.

Text also in Spanish and German.



Location (N 28°29'59" - W 13°51'19")

Item Code: esca351; Photograph: 14 April 2018
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