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Puerto del Rosario


Calle León y Castillo
(Plaza Américas)

Simón Bolívar

Simón José Antonio de la Santísima Trinidad Bolívar y Palacios Ponte y Blanco
Caracas 1783 - Santa Marta, Colombia 1830
military and political leader; played a key role in Latin America's struggle for independence from the Spanish Empire.
Arturo Rus Aguilera

Puerto del Rosario /  Simón Bolívar   Puerto del Rosario /  Simón Bolívar


Bust, donated in 1980 to the city of Puerto del Rosario by the former president of Venezuela, Rafael A. Caldera Rodríguez (1916-2009) and received by the then Mayor Matías González García. The City Council added the unveiling of the bust to the commemorative events of the bicentenary of Bolívar's birth.


Originally, there was a sign with the text:

El Ayuntamiento de Puerto del Rosario a Simón Bolívar, El Libertador, en el bicentenario de su nacimiento. 23 de julio de 1983


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Location (N 28°30'1" - W 13°51'54")

Item Code: esca328; Photograph: 13 April 2018
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