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Puerto del Rosario

Avenida de los Reyes de España
(Plaza de Radio Ecca)

Podenco canario

Canarian Dog

Emiliano Hernández

Puerto del Rosario /  Podenco canario   Puerto del Rosario /  Podenco canario


Life size sculpture of a Canarian dog. The sculpture referes to the name of the Canary islands, likely derived from the Latin name Insula Canaria, meaning 'Island of the Dogs' (only referring to present-day Gran Canaria).


Autor: Emiliano Hernandez Garcia
25 - 5 - 2001

Information Sign

From 'Puerto on foot, a cultural route to discover the capital city', identical with the English text on the sign:
"The Canary hound is a type of dog used in rabbit hunting, as it adapts to any terrain and has high smelling, visual and hearing skills. The hound is one of the oldest dog breeds known. lt may have come to the Canaries at the hand of Phoenicians, Greeks or Carthaginians. We can find representations of its beautiful figure on the pharaonic tombs of many European museums."

Puerto del Rosario, Ciudad de la Esculturas

The town of Puerto del Rosario advertises itself as 'Ciudad de la Esculturas' (City of Sculptures) or 'Parque Escultórico' (Sculpture Park). Over 150 sculptures are scattered around the town (most of them are abstract and not on this website).
Many of these sculptures are the results of the 'Simposios internacional de Escultura' (International Sculpture Symposiums), organised yearly from 2001 to 2006, and further in 2008, 2014 and 2015, by the sculptor and town council member Toño Patallo. At each symposium the sculptors are supplied with a different common material (Betancuria stone, Bermeja Mountain stone, white marble, iroko wood, ivory cream marble, etc.) and work for a few weeks in a place open to the public. The sculptures made during the symposiums are placed in the public space.
There is no 'Sculpture Park' in the real sense of the word. The whole town is the 'park'. However, there hardly any information about the sculptures. The town plan Mapa Calejero / Street Map Puerto del Rosario from the Tourist Information office (April 2018) lists 26 sculptures with their titles (but no dates or sculptors), and a 2016 version Puerto a pie, un itinerario cultural para descubrir la capital (downloaded in December 2017 as on-line PDF) lists only 16 sculptures with full information.

Jo Evans, 'Visual British Hispanism and the Puerto del Rosario 'parque escultórico'.' Bulletin of Spanish Studies 92, 3 (2015): 453-479.


Sources & Information


Locatie (N 28°29'40" - W 13°51'44") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: esca314; Photograph: 13 April 2018
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