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Sardina (del Sur)
(Santa Lucía de Tirajana)
Gran Canaria


Parque La Enredadera

Homenaje a la Mujer

Trubute to the Woman

artist unknown

Sardina (del Sur) /  Homenaje a la Mujer   Sardina (del Sur) /  Homenaje a la Mujer


Bronze sculpture of a woman holding her arms up.


The Casa Enredadera is at present a social center for women (Centro Social de la Mujer). The sculpture was unveiled on the International Woman's Day, 8 March 2007, in recognition of the women.

Sardina (del Sur) - Homenaje a la Mujer


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Location (N 27°50'53" - W 15°28'1")

Item Code: esca277; Photograph: 10 January 2015
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