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Homenaje a la Ciudad de Telde

Tribute to the Town of Telde

Luis Arencibia Betancort
Wenceslao Arte S.I. (La Torre De Esteban Hambran)

Telde /  Homenaje a la Ciudad de Telde   Telde /  Homenaje a la Ciudad de Telde


Large bronze relief showing on the left side the Faycán of Telde, in the center the three churches of Telde San Gregorio, San Juan and San Francisco, and on the right side some factories and a sailing vessel. On the top left of the relief is a sculpture of a cat.

Telde - Homenaje a la Ciudad de Telde


fund. wenceslao arte sl | 45920


Unveiled 3 December 2002 as one of the activities of the celebration of the 650th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Town of Telde.


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Locatie (N 28°0'12" - W 15°24'53") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: esca257; Photograph: 10 January 2015
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