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Gran Canaria

Bajada de las Guayarminas (Carretera General)

Monumento a Las Tres Princesas o Guayarminas

Monument for the Three Princesses or Guayarminas

Juan Borges Linares
1979 (1985)

Gáldar /  Monumento a Las Tres Princesas o Guayarminas   Gáldar /  Monumento a Las Tres Princesas o Guayarminas


Bronze statue of three women, one standing and to sitting. Depicted are the three guayarminas - infantes or princesses - who survived the castilian conquest of Gran Canaria which was ended in 1483.
  1. Tenesoya (Luisa de Betancor),
  2. Arminda Masequera (Catalina de Guzmán),
  3. La Guayarmina (Margarita Fernández Guanarteme)
These names, from the book Ruta escultórica Borges Linares (and the comment to a photo on Wikipedia Commons), do not agree with the text of the Ayuntamiento de Gáldar, see below.


Historical sources mention on various occasions the princesses or guayarminas of Gáldar. But few agree in the number, the names and the relationship between them, the attempt to make a clear account is difficult and moves to some extent as legendary. The most commonly mentioned infantas, princesses or guayarminas are Arminda Mastegena, Thenesoya Vidina, and Massequera.

Others are of the opinion that Thenesoya was much more important than the others and therefore desereves an separated study, completing the trio with the enigmatic Infanta Benchara or Abenechara or even directly call any of them Guayarmina, the commonly accepted native term as equivalent of infanta or princess.

Anyway there are certainly three [? only two are discussed] princesses documented:

(Free summarized translation of 'Las Princesas de Gáldar on the wesbite of the Ayuntamiento of Gáldar).

Gáldar - Monumento a Las Tres Princesas o Guayarminas


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Item Code: esca094; Photograph: 6 January 2015
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