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Cruce de Arinaga
Gran Canaria

Avenida Ansite / GC-191 (rotonda - Av. Polzó)

Levantamiento de Piedras

Rising Stones

Paco Suárez Díaz

Cruce de Arinaga /  Levantamiento de Piedras   Cruce de Arinaga /  Levantamiento de Piedras


Bronze sculpture of a man lifting a stone above his head.

Cruce de Arinaga - Levantamiento de Piedras

Juegos tradicionales / Traditional Games

At the main roundabout of Cruce de Arinaga are four sculpture groups showing traditional games:
  1. South: Levantamiento del Arado / Rising Plows, by Paco Suárez Díaz.
  2. East: Levantamiento de Piedras / Rising Stones, by Wency Herrera García.
  3. North: Juego del Palo / Game of Sticks, by José Luis Marrero.
  4. West: Lucha Canaria / Canarian Wrestling, by José Luis Marrero.
We did not check the sculptures for signatures, because the traffic was too heavy to cross over to the center of the roundabout.
For information on the various games, see the artcile 'Deportes y juegos de Canarias' at Wikipedia.


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Locatie (N 27°52'32" - W 15°25'30") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: esca068; Photograph: 5 January 2015
Of each statue we made photos from various angles and also detail photos of the various texts.
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