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Cruce de Arinaga
Gran Canaria

Avenida Ansite / Calle Princesa Teseida

Niña en Bicicleta

Girl on a Bicycle

Lourdes Umérez

Cruce de Arinaga /  Niña en Bicicleta   Cruce de Arinaga /  Niña en Bicicleta


Bronze sculpture of a little girl on a bicycle.


L. Umerez | 2006
alfa arte eibar


Juegos infantiles / Children's Games

Along the main street of Cruce de Arinaga are ten sculptures of children playing various games, all made by the sculptors Diego Cruz and Lourdes Umerez from Alfa Arte in Eibar, Spain:
    North side, east to west
  1. Niñas jugando al Pañuelo / Girls Playing with a Scarf, by Diego Cruz.
  2. Niños jugando al coro / Children Dancing Around, by Lourdes Umerez.
  3. Niños jugando Canicas / Boys Playing Marbles, by Diego Cruz.
  4. Niña con patines / Girl on Roller Skates, by Diego Cruz.
  5. Niño con sancheski / Boy on a Skateboard, by Diego Cruz.
    South side, west to east
  6. Niños jugando al Futbol / Boys Playing Soccer, by Lourdes Umerez.
  7. Niños jugando a piola / Boys playing Leapfrog, by Diego Cruz.
  8. Niño en la carrera de sacos / Sack Race Boy, by Lourdes Umerez.
  9. Niños en el columpio / Children on a Swing, by Lourdes Umerez.
  10. Niña en Bicicleta / Girl on a Bicycle, by Lourdes Umerez.

Click here for a interactive map with the locations of the sculptures.

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Location (N 27°52'38" - W 15°25'38")

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Item Code: esca065; Photograph: 5 January 2015
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