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Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
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Capitán Etayo y la Niña III

Captain Etayo and the Niña III

Carlos Etayo Elizondo
Pamplona 1921 - San Adrián, Navarra 2006
liutenant of the Spanish Navy and naval archaeologist. Re-made the voyages of Columbus with replica's of his ships.
José de Armas Medina

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria /  Capitán Etayo y la <i>Niña III</i>   Las Palmas de Gran Canaria /  Capitán Etayo y la <i>Niña III</i>


Bronze bust, placed in front of a replica of Columbus' ship Niña.





Capitán Etayo achieved international recognition for his voyages in identical vessels that Christopher Columbus used on his voyages to the New World. In the 1960s Captain Etayo made two major maritime expeditions, the first aboard La Niña II, with which emulated Columbus, and the second in the Olatrane San Lucas, which followed in the wake of Magellan. His last great journey was made in 1992 upon completion of the V Centenary of the Discovery of America. On board La Niña III, built thanks to contributions from individuals and foundations, Etayo and his crew of eleven departed from Palos to America to commemorate the first voyage of Columbus. They performed the voyage in the same time as Columbus.

The bust of Captain Elayo was placed in 1993 in the Parque del Castillo de La Luz and in 2014 placed near the Museo Elder, together with the Niña III.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - Capitán Etayo y la Niña III


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Location (N 28°8'28" - W 15°25'45")

Item Code: esca023; Photograph: 4 January 2015
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