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Zaragoza (prov.)


Avenida de César Augusto

Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus

(Rome 63 BC - Nola 14 AD)
first emperor of the Roman Empire
Antique Roman or Greek sculptor

Zaragoza /  Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus   Zaragoza /  Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus


Bronze statue.


This statue was given by Mussolini's Italian government to Zaragoza in 1940 and is a bronze copy, forged in Naples of the original Augustus Prima Porta which is in the Vatican. It shows the emperor dressed as a general and haranguing his troops, and on his breastplate you can see symbols of some of the places he conquered.

Zaragoza was founded in the year 24 BC by the Romans under Augustus. The city initually took the name of its founder: Caesaraugusta. The four names by which the city has been known are engraved on the alabaster frontispieces. The figure stands in front of three high lintels and a rounded arch, evoking the Toledo Gate, one of the old city entrances.


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Location (N 41°39'24" - W 0°52'56")

Item Code: esar001; Photograph: 15 May 2006  / updated: 21 September 2009
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