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Sevilla (prov.)

'Plaza de los Conquistadores'  

Plaza de los Conquistadores


Sevilla /  Plaza de los Conquistadores   Sevilla /  Plaza de los Conquistadores


From 9th May 1929 until 21st June 1930 in Seville the world's fair Exposicion Iberoamericana de Sevilla was held. On the Plaza de los Conquistadores wre statues placed of discoverers and conquistadores.


After the exhibition the Mayor of Sevilla, Conde de Halcón, attempted to acquire the land of the Plaza de los Conquistadores from its owners, the brothers Camino, who has leased it for the duration of exposure, to keep the Plaza for Sevilla. His attempts were in vain and the the series of events that occurred with the fall of the monarchy and the proclamation of the republic with a consequent change in municipal government, were not 'helping' his plans. The municipal government decided in 1935, to suspend the purchase option on these areas and returning them to their owners. The statues were replaced to other locations.

Sources & Information


  • Columbus, Christopher
  • Elcano, Juan Sebastián
  • Explorer
  • Pinzón, Martin Alonso
  • Pizarro, Francisco
  • Rodriguez Bermejo (Rodrigo de Triana), Juan
  • Sea Captain
  • Soto, Hernando de
  • Statue (man)
  • Triana, Rodrigo de
  • Locatie (N 37°21'44" - W 5°59'18") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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