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Sevilla (prov.)

Triana - Plaza Chapina

Monumento a los marineros de Triana

Monument for the Triana seamen sailing with Columbus

artist unknown

Sevilla /  Monumento a los marineros de Triana   Sevilla /  Monumento a los marineros de Triana


The monument is of a metal, probably bronze, and has Columbus and three of his crew members from Triana (the quarter of Seville on the island of La Cartuja, according to the text they are Rodrigo de Triana (on the Pinta, the crew member who spotted land first), Rodrigo de Bastidas, and Andrés de Morales (the last two are not on the list of crew members on the first voyage, compiled by John Fiske).


A tile plaque next to the bronze has the text:
A la memoria de los marineros Rodrigo de Triana, Rodrigo de Bastidas y Andrés de Morales y tantos otros Trianeros anónimos, que acompañaron a Colón en sus viajes o continuaron posteriormente la gesta del descubrimiento.
Translation: In memory of sailors Rodrigo de Triana, Rodrigo de Bastidas and Andrés de Morales and so may other unknown sailors of Triana, who accompanied Columbus in his voyages or later continued the epic achievements of the discovery.


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Location (N 37°23'23" - W 6°0'28")

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Item Code: esan046; Photograph: 14 March 2002
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