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Sevilla (prov.)


Tomba de Colón

Columbus' Tomb


Sevilla /  Tomba de Colón   Sevilla /  Tomba de Colón


In the Cathedral is the mausoleum-monument of Christopher Columbus. Four heralds dressed in full court mourning upbear the sarcophagus; they bear respectively the arms of, Castile, Léon, Aragon, and Navarre, the four nations which united under the rule of Ferdinand and Isabella, constituted the kingdom of Spain. The sarcophagus is of bronze, ornamented with enamelled metallic plates, and in it are the pretended remains of Columbus.
Originally the mausoleum was intended to be placed in Havanna, Cuba, but because of the war of independence, the monument stayed in Spain. When it was placed in Sevilla's Cathedral, a stone pedestal was designed with an inscription commemorating this history. "Cuando ¶ la isla de Cuba se emancipio de la madre España ¶ Sevilla obtuvo el deposito ¶ de los restos de Colon y su Ayuntamiento erigio este ¶ pedestal"


Bottom of the sarcophagus
On the bottom of the sarcophagus is the coat-of-arms of Spain circumscribed with the text "Aqui jacen los restos de Cristobal Colon ¶ desde 1796 los guardo ¶ la Habana y este sepulcro por de ¶ 26 de febrero de 1891"

Mélida's signature on the pedestal

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Locatie (N 37°23'8" - W 5°59'34") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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