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Sevilla (prov.)

Plaza de España

Plaza de España

Aníbal González

Sevilla /  Plaza de España


The Plaza de España is a semicircular enclosure built by Aníbal González, the great architect of Sevillian reginalism, for the Ibero-American exposition held in 1929. The diameter of the square is some 200 metres. Around the square is the building with a colonnade.


Huelva At the long façade of the building the Spanish provinces are in alphabetical order from north to south, represented by azulejos, depicting a map of the province (in the floor) and a historical scene, on top is the coat-of-arms of the province. On both sides of the historical scene are cabinets, which originally contains books on the province. On three sides of the map on the floor are benches.

Several provinces show scenes relating to Columbus (click on the thumbnail photos for a larger photo:

Click for a large photo Canarias: Colón repara sus naos en Las Palmas, Año 1492.
Click for a large photo Huelva: Columbus departs from Palos de la Frontera.
Click for a large photo Salamanca: Colón exponiendo sus planes a los Reyes Catolicos ante el Profesor de Prima de Salamanca.
Click for a large photo Valladolid: a side view shows the Columbus monument in Valladolid.


In a spaces between the arches of the colonade are medallions with portraits of important persons in the history of Spain. These portraits are in chronological order from north to south and have no relation with the depiction of the provinces in the lower part. Three medallions have a relation with Columbus: Columbus ("Cristobal Colon"), the Pinzón brothers ("Los Dos Pinzones") and Fray Antonio de Marchena ("P. Marchena").



In the building there is a military museum with models of the Santa Maria, the Pinta, and the Niña.

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Location (N 37°22'39" - W 5°59'9")

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Item Code: esan041; Photograph: 13 March 2002
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