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Palos de la Frontera
Huelva (prov.)


La Rábida

Avenida de los Descubridores

Avenue of the Discoverers


Palos de la Frontera /  Avenida de los Descubridores


Palm avenue from the Monumento a los Descubridores downhill the the Rio Tinto. On both sides there are azulejo plaques with the coats-of-arms of the American states (cf. the Avenida de América)


A special monument of granite blocks at the top of the avenue has a plaque with the text:
"Esta Avenida de los Descubridores, primera aportacion de Huelva a la celebracion en 1992 del V centenario del descubrimiento de las Americas, fue inaugurada por S.M. Don Juan Carlos I Rey de España, protector de la democracia, defensor de la libertad y conservador de la paz.
La Rabida, 12 de Octubre de 1981.
Translation: This Avenue of the Discoverers, first contribution of Huelva to the celebration in 1992 of the 5th centenary of the discovery of America was inaugurated by H.M. Don Juan Carlos I King of Spain, protector of democracy, defender of freedom and keeper of peace inaugurated centenary of the discovery of the Americas. La Rábida, October 12, 1981.
Downhill, there is an azulejo in the pavement commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Real Sociedad Colombina Onubiense (founded 1880).
Halfway is the Calendario Azteca, which is placed there in August 1982 and therefore considered as a separate monument.

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Location (N 37°12'23" - W 6°55'32")

Item Code: esan027; Photograph: 9 March 2002
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