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Palos de la Frontera
Huelva (prov.)


Parque de la Fontanilla

El Pebetero

The Censer


Palos de la Frontera /  El Pebetero   Palos de la Frontera /  El Pebetero


El Pebetero (the censer) placed by the municipal commission for culture and the 5th centenary in memory of the passing of the Olympic flame in 1968, which left the port of Palos for America for the Olympic games of 1968; and again in 1992, for the Games in Barcelona, on 13 July 1992. The present monument is incomplete.


Explanatory plaque:
Fue erigido este pebetero para recordar el paso por nuestro pueblo del fuego olimpico en 1968, cuando partio desde nuestro puerto de Palos, hacia el continente Americano para los Juegos Olimpicos de Mexico '68. Y en 1992, conmemoracion del V Centenario, al salir desde aqui hacia los Juegos Olimpicos de Barcelona '92.
La Comision Municipal de Cultura y V Centenario. Siendo Alcaldesa, Excma. Sra. Da Pilar Pulgar Fraile.
Palos de la Frontera, 13 de Julio de 1992.
Translation: This censer was raised to remember the pass through our town of the olympic flame in 1968, when it started from our port of Palos, towards the American continent for the Olympic Games in Mexico '68. And in 1992, the commemoration of the 5th Centenary, when it left from here towards the Barcelona '92 Olympics
The Cultural and 5th Centenary Municipal Commission. Being its Mayor the Excma. Mrs. Da. Pilar Pulgar Fraile.
Palos de la Frontera, July 13, 1992.

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Item Code: esan021; Photograph: 9 March 2002
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