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Huelva (prov.)


Avenida de Palos de la Frontera

Barco de Colón

Columbus' Ship


Niebla /  Barco de Colón   Niebla /  Barco de Colón


Metal model of the front hald of a ship (the Santa Maria ?). On one of the sails is a coat of arms with the text "Cuna del Descubrimiento", the cradle of the discovery.


On the soccle is the text Av[eni]da de Palos de la Frontera. Since Palos advertizes itself as the cradle of the discovery of America, this ship serves probably as kind of street sign? Compare the metal ship models at the entrances of the town of Palos de la Frontera. A thought: since the model of the Santa Maria in Palos is lost, is this one in Niebla by any chance half of it. Is there rivalry between Palos and Niebla? At least the brick soccle looks newer than the ones in Palos.


Location (N 37°21'30" - W 6°41'8")

Item Code: esan010; Photograph: 16 December 2006
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