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Busto de Cristóbal Colón

Bust of Columbus


Moguer /  Busto de Cristóbal Colón   Moguer /  Busto de Cristóbal Colón


Bronze bust of Columbus on a white marble column in an a octogonal well.
In the base of the column a commemorative inscription is included and the legend explaining the four scenes carved on the column:
  1. Columbus gives to his son to moguereño Juan Rodríguez Cabezudo.
  2. Columbus talks with the Brothers Niño in the port of Moguer on the Tinto, with carabela Niña in the background.
  3. Columbus embarks in the Niña with the moguereños sailors.
  4. Columbus thanks for the return of the trip in the church of the monastery of Santa Clara.


cristobal colon


The monument is located only a few meters from the monastery of Santa Clara, where Columbus several times met abbess Ines Enríquez to obtain her support in the organization of the voyage.
The bust was unveiled 3 August 2006 on the 514th anniversary of the departure of Columbus' three ships.

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Locatie (N 37°16'32" - W 6°50'21") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

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