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Vjatško ja Meelis Tartu kaitsel

Vjatshko and Meelis protecting Tartu

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Polotski vürst Vjatško ja Lembitu poeg Meelis Tartu kaitsel 1224. a.
Vjatško, prince of Polotsk, and Meelis Lembit's son protect Tartu in 1224
Olav Männi

Tartu /  Vjatško ja Meelis Tartu kaitsel   Tartu /  Vjatško ja Meelis Tartu kaitsel


Bronze sculpture group depicting Vjatško and Meelis in their fight with the Germans.


Vjatško is an historical figure, but Meelis is an imaginary character. Both appear in the children's book Meelis (1941) by the Estonian writer Enn Kippel (1901-1942) (Wikipedia).

The plaster model of the sculpture was finished in 1950, but it was cast in 1956. Since 1980 it was unveiled at the present location to commemorate the 250th anniversary of the accession of Estonia in the Russian empire.

Tartu - Vjatško ja Meelis Tartu kaitsel


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Locatie (N 58°22'54" - E 26°42'39") (Satellite view: Google Maps)

Item Code: ee103; Photograph: 9 July 2013
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