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Hugo Treffner

Kanepi 1845 - Tartu 1912
founder and first director of the Hugo Treffner Gymnasium in Tartu and an important figure in the Estonian national awakening.
Mati Karmin

Tartu /  Hugo Treffner   Tartu /  Hugo Treffner


Bronze statue of Hugo Treffner holding a building in his hands and standing in front of granite 'book'. The left page of the book shows the text gymnasium treffnerianum hic situm fuit ab anno mdccclxxxvi ad annum mcmxix (The Treffner Gymnasium stood here from 1886 to 1919). The right page has a bronze relief which characterizes Hugo Treffnerit and Tartu - geese (world wide roads, open-minded), farm (Estonianness and traditions), St. John's Church and Tartu University.

Tartu - Hugo Treffner Tartu - Hugo Treffner Tartu - Hugo Treffner


Karmin 1996


The architect of the monument is T. Trummal.

Tartu - Hugo Treffner


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Location (N 58°22'54" - E 26°43'36")

Item Code: ee089; Photograph: 8 July 2013
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