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Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly

Pamūšis [now Lithuania] 1761 - Insterburg [Chernyakhovsk], Prussia 1818
Russian Field Marshal and Minister of War during Napoleon's invasion in 1812 and War of the Sixth Coalition
Vasily Ivanovich Demuth-Malinovsky

Tartu /  Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly   Tartu /  Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly


Bronze bust on a red granite pedestal, surrounded with bronze arms, flags, drums and other military equipment.

Tartu - Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly Tartu - Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly Tartu - Michael Andreas Barclay de Tolly


Барклаю де Толли.
To General-Field Marshall
Barclay de Tolly

незабвенному полководцу, отъ войскъ
подъ начальствомъ его состоявшихъ,
въ памяь военныхъ подвиговъ
1812, 1813 и 1814 годовъ
сооруженъ въ 1848 году.
To their unforgettable commander, from
the troops under his command
in memory of the military exploits
of 1812, 1813 and 1814
Erected in 1848.

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Barclay Square
[Text in Estonian]

At the beginning of the 19th century a promenade was here behind
the medieval town wall. in 1846 I. Demut-Malinovski designed the
bronze monument to General Field Marshall M.A. Barclay de Tolly,
who had attained fame in the Napoleonic Wars. De Tolly's officers
collected money to erect the monument. A. Shtshedrin is
responsible for the architectural part of it. This neoclassical
monument was unveiled in 1849. The square was originally paved
with cobblestones and surrounded by buildings on all sides. It was
later re-designed to become a park.


The architect of the monument is Apollon Feodosievich Shchedrin.


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Location (N 58°22'44" - E 26°43'23")

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